– Tickets cannot be exchanged or money refunded.  – Latecomers may not be admitted until an appropriate moment in the performance as agreed by the Duty Manager.

– The Management reserve the right to refuse admission and alter the programme without prior notice.

– Any recording during the performance (either audio or visual) is prohibited during the show.

– Any tickets sold on for profit or personal / commercial gain will be voided.

– If you seek re-admittance during the performance, you may be re-seated to an alternative seat. This is to preserve the comfort and experience of other audience members and also because, due to the nature of theatre in the round, doors at stage level are used for actors entry and scene changes.


– We welcome audiences of all ages unless otherwise specified on the show information page. Tickets must be bought for all children over 18 months. Tickets must be bought for children under 18 months if they are the primary audience.

– If you are attending a show with small children please try and select a seat that allows easy exit if necessary. Naturally, this does not apply to those shows which are specifically for very young children.

– If your child becomes very vocal or distressed we may ask you to leave the auditorium until they settle. Due to the nature of our space, on returning to the auditorium you may be asked to use a different seat.

– Audiences are asked to consult the Box Office or see individual productions online for advice on the content and age suitability of different productions.