February 19, 2019 The Edge

Congradulations | Dressing Room Training Programme Graduations

Last Thursday we had our biannual Dressing Room Training Programme graduation or now as it’s known: Gradulation (graduation/congratulations – nicknamed by one of our trainees). It was also the first public sharing from Stepping Out, our dance company for adults with learning disabilities. It was a wonderful event to celebrate so much achievement over the year. Emily, our Learning Mentor, presented each trainee with their certificate and told stories about their time here.  

A huge well done to everyone for completing their training with us. Many of our trainees go onto other opportunities, including volunteering, other training and sometimes employment, but ultimately the training allows them to lead more independent lives. We have several creative programmes that are a natural progression for our trainees too and many have joined Expressive Too (our second theatre company for adults with learning disabilities) and also Stepping Out, our dance company. 


Over 12 weeks our trainees have the opportunity to learn skills which can be applied in a real working environment and also transferred and applied to other areas of life. We have 8 trainees a week. 

To find out more about our 12 week training programme, and if you now anyone who would be interested, you can read all about it HERE and get in touch.