Love Shift

Our own brand of comedy, romance and beautiful music…


First performed at The Royal Exchange November 2009

Written & Directed by Janine Waters
Music & Lyrics by Simon Waters
Cast: Leah Hackett, David Hunter, Craig Whittaker

In November 2009 The Royal Exchange transformed their Studio Theatre into a real life working pub, complete with optics and pumps and invited a number of theatre companies to respond to this over a three week season. We created our first ever entirely sung play, Love Shift, which starred the wonderful Leah Hackett, David Hunter and Craig Whittaker.

In Love Shift Anna (Leah Hackett) waits in frustration for her boyfriend to arrive, under the watchful gaze of barman Charlie (David Hunter) whose love for her is unspoken. Around them revolve other pub regulars played, along with boyfriend Steve, by Craig Whittaker. Our own brand of comedy, romance and beautiful music filled the PUB for a two night run and we hope to one day take this little play out on the road, because everyone seemed to like it so much!

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