Adapted by Untied Artists from the award winning book by Michelle Knudsen & published by Candlewick.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and never judge a lion by its ROAR!


DATE: Saturday 26th May

TIME: 11am (sold out) & 2pm

PRICE: £8/6

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Everyone knows rules have to be followed, especially in libraries.

No running allowed.

And you must be quiet.

But what would happen if a lion came to storytime?

There aren’t any rules about lions in the library, are there?

This beautiful story invigorates an endangered species – the local library – with songs, laughter, lots of joining in, and maybe even a big furry hug. But NO ROARING! It’s a show that fuses storytelling, music, and interactive learning to immerse children in the world of the book. Above all it is fun, funny, and full of feline wonder!


RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes




*Concessions by Conscience: you pay what you can afford dependant on your circumstances. We don’t ask for any proof, we just leave it to your discretion. Please remember we are a charity and rely on ticket income and other limited funding.