June 30, 2023 Edge


We spoke to Artistic Director, Janine Waters, all about the upcoming play presented by The Edge in association with the Booth Centre making its way to the theatre next month!

Read on to find out more about ERNIE’S INCREDIBLE ILLUCINATIONS By Alan Ayckbourn on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, and Saturday 15th July!

Tell us a little bit about The Edge’s partnership with the Booth Centre.

The Edge and The Booth Centre have been partners since 2011. Both organisations recognise the power of the arts to transform lives, the value of taking part in creative activities, the importance of providing those opportunities for people, not as a one-off but as part of our core work and the commitment needed by both organisations to ensure that the work is always of the highest quality and with the wellbeing of all the actors at the forefront of what we do. Both organisations are part of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership and our work together focuses on prevention.

Who are the actors performing in the show?

This production has 8 actors with lived experience of homelessness, 2 professional actors, 2 professional musicians and a Booth Centre support worker

What are the main aims of the year-long acting and singing workshops with the participants?

Like going to a gym, the benefits build up over time. From speaking and listening skills, to conflict resolution, to confidence and performance techniques. We work as a ‘company’ to develop trust and mutual respect.

How did the acting group come about?

In the early days, the partnership was about developing skills and having fun. As time went on, it became apparent that there were those individuals who were able to progress and make the kind of commitment needed for making high-quality theatre. So whilst we still run weekly acting and singing sessions for people with profound and complex needs and who are perhaps still sleeping rough and whose lives are more chaotic, we also have this professionally run theatre company which follows an intense rehearsal process and has high expectations of its actors.

What can audiences expect from the production?

Even though we’ve been making shows with The Booth Centre for all of these years, this is the first time we’re not producing an original script. This show, Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations by the brilliant Alan Ackybourne, will have audiences entertained and delighted! Approx 40 minutes of comedy, fantasy and joy!

Find out more about our partnership with the Booth Centre here: https://www.edgetheatre.co.uk/our-work-with-the-booth-centre/ 


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