March 7, 2023 Edge

Q&A: eVULVAlution

We spoke to Manchester’s favourite erotic fiction author, Pamela de Menthe, about her upcoming show, eVULVAlution – a time-traveling prehistoric romp set in Hull. Think comedy but with some extra added sauce!

Pamela’s show will be coming to The Edge on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd April at 7:30 pm…

So, first things first, tell us a little more about this prehistoric romp and why is it set in Hull of all places?

I think we can all agree that Hull or Kingston upon Hull to give it its official title, is a  sexually charged city that clearly lends itself to a setting for an erotic fiction novel.  I also thought it would be a great advert for the city and thought that Hull city council may be interested in partnering up on a sponsorship deal, so let’s watch this space. 

What can audiences expect from the show – other than the neanderthal orgies? 

I’d say audiences should expect a wild and primal ride, of time-traveling mayhem. Of course, arousal is the main aim, but I also want it to be educational; teaching people about history, science, and in many ways themselves. 

Can you give us a little sneak peek of this ‘extra sauce’ the comedy is set to be oozing with?

Here is a romantic quote from the book: “Sandra scooped up one of his testicles in her massive hands and began sucking on it like a meaty gobstopper.” 

Tell us a little bit about the theme of time traveling and how it links to your signature eroticism?

Well, I think someone disappearing through a massive time portal is the ultimate erotic imagery.  

I’m also a firm believer in widening your audience appeal as much as possible by mixing genres. I knew that if I combined time travel, Neanderthal orgies, Hull local interest with office furniture I would appeal to sci-fi enthusiasts, paleontologists, the north, and those in the market for high-quality home office furniture. 

And, lastly, what three words would you use to describe this production?

Ooh ahhh oooh…

(Come and that will make sense) 


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