October 31, 2023 Edge

Q&A: Motherkind

Presented by Project Brew, Motherkind sees music and narration weave together this delicate kaleidoscope of tales about parenting, birthing, and beyond… stories of humour, challenge, evolution, and surprise.

Read on to find out more about the upcoming production making its way to The Edge on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November at 7:30 pm (Saturday 12 pm Matinee followed by Workshop).

First things first, can you tell us a little more about Motherkind? What kind of themes and subject matter can audiences expect?

Motherkind is a thought-provoking anthology offering our unique perspectives on parenting, birthing, and the challenges and surprises that come along with motherhood.

Our inspiration for these tales came from the idea of entering motherhood is like walking into a strange new room in your house. One in which you have never been in before and exploring what do we take with us into this room and what do we leave behind?

Whether you are fully immersed in the world of parenting or not we can all be curious about how we came into the world. What does it mean to mother? To become a mother? And how do we mark this huge and often unseen transition? 

Within our stories, we explore these different parts our ourselves and our own individual worlds including physical changes, our inner and outer landscape, and the ever-emerging science behind this incredible transition.

Why have you chosen to present the tales as a series of vignettes?

We have created a series of short evocative stories in order to explore how uniquely individual and varied our experiences can be. Not only of birthing and mothering but also of our human experience. 

Presenting our work as a collection offers different artistic interpretations of these themes, we use music, storytelling, movement, and puppetry. Creating a truly colourful kaleidoscope of vignettes.

Presenting them together in this way also helps us see where can truly relate to one another and where we can only but try to understand. As we move through each one we uncover different moments of surprise and humour, along with challenges and evolution.

What was the creative process like in creating the weaving narrative journey for the audience to follow?

When we gathered our music and stories together for the first time there were many obvious synchronicities that flowed together with ease. 

In the narrative journey between each one, we explored what an audience might need in order to be carried and transported between worlds. Perhaps a pause to take a breath or the energy to be lifted up to a new height. These transitions became their own short stories within themselves and gave us a deeper, immersive journey.

We found our individual stories were enhanced by each others and as we began to weave them together we discovered many essential and tender moments that we hope will leave you inspired.


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