May 31, 2023 Edge

Q&A: Nice Cup of Tea

We spoke to Artistic Director, Janine Waters, all about the upcoming play presented by The Edge making its way to the theatre this week!

Read on to find out more about Nice Cup of Tea – all about providing a joyous celebration of creativity and talent!

So, first things first, tell us a little more about what the play is about.

The play is about The Island of Love and the islanders who have forgotten that a name isn’t enough. It’s about an old man who has sat on his own in the middle of a lagoon for 17 years and about the young people who arrive on the island to save him. It’s about ripples and a nice cup of tea.

What’s the meaning behind the name of the production?

That the ordinary can be beautiful and is sometimes all we need.

Who are the actors performing in the show?

Members of our Drama and Dance companies, both specialist projects for performers with learning disabilities, plus two professional actors. We’re also working with a professional composer and musician and designer.

Can you tell us a little more about the creative process and how the show comes about?

The aim is always to work in a way that will bring out the best in a cast and be a positive experience for everyone involved. That’s the same whether we’re working with experienced professionals or first-time performers. This production is being created over an intense 5-day period. I wrote the outline of the story before the first day of rehearsals, we’ve then worked together to fill in the blanks and are developing it through to its first performances at the end of this week.  Then we’ll sit down with a nice cup of tea and decide if we are going to develop the show for a larger production in Spring 2024.

What’s the key significance/reason behind putting on the production?

The Edge is passionate about telling stories, specifically stories that are relevant, entertaining, and full of hope. These actors, with a range of learning disabilities, are part of our core company which makes two pieces of theatre a year, working alongside a professional creative team.

Book tickets now to join our Learning Disability led theatre company this Spring for a joyous celebration of creativity and talent

3pm Friday 2nd & 2pm Saturday 3rd June 2023

Tickets: £6

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