October 12, 2023 Edge

Q&A: Past Our Bedtime

We sat down with Finlay & Joe to find out all about the hilarious show making its way to The Edge this Friday 13th October at 7:30 pm…

So, first things first, tell us a little more about Past Our Bedtime

Joe: We (Finlay and Joe) are back! 

Finlay: And we’re tired. 

Joe: But, as luck would have it, we now have the miraculous ability to dream up sketch 

comedy in our sleep. 

Finlay: There’s absolutely no way we are meddling with forces beyond our control. 

What are the main themes and subject matter in the show that audiences can look forward to?

Joe: The show is all about keeping your dream alive, whatever it might be, even as the odds 

seem to be increasingly against you.

Finlay: The main theme of the show is – don’t hide things from your friends and creative 


Joe: Yeah, that too.

What inspired the concept behind the show?

Joe: No Finlay and Joe show concept would be complete without Finlay or…

Finlay: Thanks Joe. 

Joe: And whilst we love writing and performing sketch comedy, it’s not without its challenges. 

It’s never been a more difficult time to launch a career in the arts, given the costs of 

touring, producing and marketing work. We always enjoy coming up with stupid ideas together and sharing them with audiences but there’ll always be part of the process that keeps us up at night. 

Finlay: I was just really sleepy when we had to come up with the title. It reflects my lived experience.

Can you share some sneak peeks of the upcoming comedy sketches?

Joe: Context-free spoiler: Ginger Nuts are known to many as the perfect biscuit.

Finlay: There’s one where I shoot Joe in the mouth.

Joe: In a family-friendly way.

What advice would Finlay and Joe give to someone feeling a little tuckered out themselves?

Finlay: Embrace being a little sleepyhead. Get a floppy hat, a dressing gown and a candlestick 

holder. Practise your best ‘honk’s, ‘shoo’s and ‘mi mi mi’s. 

Joe: Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery.


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