February 7, 2023 Edge

Q&A: Sex, Lies & Improvisation

We spoke to Rachel E. Thorn and Alex Keen about their show Sex, Lies & Improvisation, a
black comedy about lying together, coming to The Edge on Friday 3rd March 2023 at 8 pm.

How does and improvised black comedy work?

Sex, Lies & Improvisation is all about why we lie to the people we love. We play a couple
where one of us is keeping a secret from the other. The twist is that all the secrets and lies
we use in the show are taken from genuine real-life relationships, and submitted anonymously on
our website. For each performance, the audience picks one to inspire the show.

Why do you work with real-life secrets and lies?

Knowing that the secret or lie is real gives the show an edge. After all, truth is stranger than
fiction! Some lies seem pretty harmless and some are life-changing, but they’re all
fascinating. There’s something very compelling about deceit. So if you know of anyone
who’s lied to a partner, whether it’s a cheeky little secret or a humdinger of a porkie-pie,
please submit it totally anonymously on our website and it could inspire our next show!

Is the show really completely improvised?

Oh yes. All we know is that we’ll be playing a couple in a relationship, but how the story of
the deception plays out is something we discover at the same time as the audience. It
makes for an utterly compelling watch. And if you don’t believe us, check out our podcast, ​
where we share a recording of a live show and then analyse what the hell happened on

Why do you work in improvisation?

It’s so engaging. When nobody knows what’s coming next, the jokes are funnier, the gasps
are louder and the tears are saltier. You know what? We can’t compete with Netflix’s
budgets, but the one thing we’ve got that they’ll never have is the power of a live experience.
As one of our five-star reviews says, “This is live entertainment at its best.”


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