May 22, 2024 Edge

Q&A with The Construct Theatre Project, one of our Associate Companies

The Construct Theatre Project are one of our three Associate Companies in 2024. We sat down with Artistic Director Alex Barrett to find out a little more about the company and what being an associate company at The Edge means.

Hi Alex! Firstly, can you tell us a bit about The Construct Theatre Project?

The Construct Theatre Project (previously MAYT Theatre) is a Theatre Company in practice surrounding the production of adaptation, new writing and devised performance. Our distinctive approach, grounded in intuition and holistic methods champions collaborative creative vision and innovation and plays a vital part in our commitment to crafting striking, image-based, contemporary theatre. 

As a Theatre Project, our commitment is to perpetual growth and evolution. We see ourselves as a living, breathing entity, constantly adapting to the ever-changing landscape of creativity. Within our creative space, we cultivate an environment where creativity thrives. Authentic human connection is more than a value for us; it’s a key factor in our creative process. We believe that, by fostering genuine connections, we amplify the creative energy that fuels our projects.

Where might people have seen your work before?

Over the past few years, we are fortunate to have produced many shows at The Edge, these being FARM (which we are thrilled to be revisiting this year), The Tempest, MYTHOS and The Colour Out of Space. Prior to our association with The Edge, we produced two digital productions, The Lockdown Collective and The Incident at The Conundrum Hotel. 

What can we expect to see in a Construct show? 

At Construct, we are drawn to narratives that unfold on a grand scale, whether that be literally or figuratively, and that challenge us as creatives throughout the making process. The work we make combines striking stage imagery and theatricality, stylistic creative movement, dynamic use of sound and bold lighting design that all combine to create atmospheric and powerful theatrical experiences. We work with performers who, as well as delivering wonderful and rich performances, are also able to work well within a collaborative space, both as ensemble and as contributors to the work throughout the process and are able to have a strong sense of collective ownership and, therefore, a much deeper investment in the work. We believe that our productions are a testament to the power of collaboration, intuition, and a relentless dedication to crafting theatrical experiences that leave an indelible mark on our audiences.   

Tell us a bit about being an associate company at The Edge

We are so immensely privileged and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a venue as supportive and accommodating as The Edge. As an associate company, partnering with The Edge has not only allowed us to create our work but also showcase it in one of the most wonderfully exciting and vibrant venues in Manchester. 

Being an associate company has enabled us not only to create but to showcase our work in one of the most exciting and wonderful venues in Manchester!  The Edge’s continual support and commitment to us and our work has been instrumental in allowing us to continue pushing our artistic boundaries by allowing us the space to do so freely. We have been provided with a platform for our artistic vision to be brought to life and to continue evolving.

And finally – tell us a little bit about your next production!

We are absolutely thrilled to be working on a revised treatment of our production of FARM which takes to the stage at The Edge 11th-13th July.

After a sell-out run in 2021, we revisit and revitalise our exciting contemporary adaptation of George Orwell’s classic allegorical novel ‘Animal Farm’. A potent story of power, corruption and the importance of equality, this show addresses themes more relevant than ever in today’s social climate. 

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