An alternative spin on this classic story – about two misfits who just want to fit in.


DATE: Saturday April 14th

TIME: 11am & 2pm

PRICE: £8/6

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Time for bed. Tuck yourself in. This is where Robyn’s story begins. How can they expect her to sleep at a time like this? She takes a book and starts to read. But she can’t relate to Red Riding Hood, sugar and spice and all things nice. There are two sides to every tale, and that is not how this one goes! What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t big or bad at all? What if they got it wrong?

Robyn wants to tell you what really happened through a world of homemade make-believe.

And here is where our story starts.
A gentle wolf with a broken heart…
The Wolf is isn’t big or bad, in fact he’s rather shy.
He won’t gobble up your Grandma, he’s an all-round nice guy.


“Cheery rhyming verse invites us to see both sides of the story… [And] a new and charming way of introducing an old story to a fresh audience.”

Time Out

“A radical, Roald Dahl-inspired retelling. Imaginative, ingenious”

Children’s Theatre Reviews

“A wonderful retelling of the old familiar classic…. tennis rackets become trees and teapots become angry mothers in this wonderful world of imagination. What makes this adaptation exceptional is the care visible throughout, and the magic in ordinary things.”

Curious Mum

“A cunning creative path to take. Let’s be honest, how many kids really are sweet little angels? Each and every one of them likes to embellish a story for effect, so it’s perfectly plausible to believe that old red riding hood perhaps wasn’t really made of sugar, spice and all things nice.”

Exeunt Magazine

“A comic edge, catchy tunes and an uplifting ending. A stunning performance and a show that has something that will speak to everyone.”

Pregnant City Girl

“I can imagine my six year old niece using today’s production as massive inspiration. This will help her independently recreate many of the fairy tales she knows well, during her reading and play times.”

Audience Member

“Red Riding Hood and the Wolf @LittleATheatre today, such a beautifully clever, sweet show. Go see it! (With or without a child)” #LoveTheWolf


“Really enjoyed Red Riding Hood and the Wolf @LittleATheatre today – beautiful storytelling” #LoveTheWolf


“Loved the Big Bad (misunderstood) Wolf @LittleATheatre… You should pop along to get the real story! #LoveTheWolf”


“Brilliantly told through rhyme… Fabulous”

Melanie M.

Beautiful day @LittleATheatre yesterday for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Took 17 kids to see Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. They ALL loved it!

My inner child spent a lovely afternoon at @LittleATheatre yesterday watching Red Riding Hood. Imaginative, charming & poignant #LoveTheWolf



RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes




*Concessions by Conscience: you pay what you can afford dependant on your circumstances. We don’t ask for any proof, we just leave it to your discretion. Please remember we are a charity and rely on ticket income and other limited funding.