Thrills, abduction, pills, attraction, laughs, prescriptions..and it’s all sung


“A classy comedy thriller.” The Stage

Thrills, abduction, pills, attraction, laughs, prescriptions… and it’s all sung

Imagine waking up, but you’re not in your bed. Imagine waking up, realizing you’ve been drugged and you’re tied to a stranger… a stranger you can’t see. Neither of you knows how you got there and neither of you knows how to escape.

Tom and Kate can’t remember a thing…. not about the last few days anyway. Everything is a total blank, except for a halloumi kebab and a double-decker bus. As piece by piece they unravel their memories, each step brings them closer to knowing their captors, closer to their terrifying fate… and closer to each other. 

Written & Directed by: Janine Waters
Music & Lyrics by Simon Waters


Tom: Joe Parker
Kate: Charlotte Linighan
Darren: Craig Whittaker
Maureen: Rachael McGuinness
Lawrence Woof
Bessie Shooter
Written and directed by Janine Waters
Music and Lyrics by Simon Waters
Kevin Freeman
Lighting Design
Kay Haynes
Stage Manager
David Haworth


“A madcap musical that covers everything from homelessness to the pharmaceutical industry—oh yeah, and halloumi kebabs… Spinach is a riot from start to finish.” Manchester Wire 


“You’ll be smiling throughout.” Frankly, My Dear


“this bonkers, hilarious production, that will guarantee to have you grinning from ear-to-ear!” Opening Night

“Ambitious, different and dark. Spinach is a surreal slice of the experimental that is otherwise sorely missing from Manchester’s theatre scene.” The Reviews Hub

“A delight from start to finish.” Stagey Lady

“this is feelgood theatre entertainment at its best.” Live Art Alive

“Everything in Spinach is a surprise – the intriguing premise, the plot twists and turns, the sung script, the humour, the drama, the variety of music and the sheer genre-defying nature of it all. Most of all, though, I was surprised (and utterly delighted) by just how much FUN it is! A total theatrical tonic.”

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