October 4, 2023 Edge

Q&A: Steve & Tobias Versus Death

In this throat-ripping zombie thriller, presented by Paper Mug Theatre, Tobias hates mash and Steve hates Tobias, but when they discover their Mom to be patient zero in a world of flesh-eating zombies, there’s no time left for ‘feelings’.

Pitting the depths of horror against the hysterical instability of family, we watch brothers torn apart get pieced back together, only to be torn apart all over again.

Read on to find out more about the show coming to The Edge on Friday 27th October at 7:30 pm…

First things first, tell us a little more about Steve & Tobias Versus Death. What are some of the main themes and subject matter audiences can expect to look forward to?

Steve and Tobias Versus Death is a comedy about two brothers trapped in their living room during a zombie apocalypse. Their Dad left when they were very young. The older brother Steve has to look after his younger brother Tobias while caring for their bedridden mother. Over time, the boys have developed a fear of the outside and an aversion to one another.

We meet them going about their evening routine, moments before discovering their mother has become a flesh-eating zombie. Expect to see (proper) Zombies on stage for the first time. Lots of blood, chaos, and questionable decisions.

What was your biggest inspiration for writing the play?

As writers, we both grew up with an obsession with Zombie films. When talking about a blend of Zombies and comedy, it’s impossible not to take influence from Shaun of the Dead. The first motivation we had was to create something we’d never seen before on stage before – a play with Zombies. Throughout, there has to be a sense that the characters are in genuine danger.

How do you balance the darker, tragic scenes amidst a backdrop of humour and comedy?

The show was developed during an actual pandemic. We wanted to create a comedy that we found funny, frankly, to give us something to focus on other than the isolation and dread of lockdown and Covid. Because of this, loneliness, fear of the outsight, and total lack of hope are challenges the characters face in the story. We think comedy is the perfect vehicle to explore these themes – it gives the characters hope of escaping to something safer. 


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