July 19, 2018 The Edge

They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Celebrating 70 Years of the NHS

This July saw the culmination of months of hard work for our summer show “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”, a ‘joyous Happy Birthday to the NHS kind of show’ in association with The Booth Centre. We had 3 sold out shows in our run. We’ve had some fantastic reviews and the building was buzzing after each show.

The Edge runs regular drama and singing workshops at the Booth Centre for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Together we have produced a unique company making high quality theatre.

We work to produce 2 shows a year which are performed at The Edge. The shows produced create opportunities for friends, family, other people who are homeless and staff to see participants achieve. They also raise the profile of homelessness and the arts, including members of the general public who have their perceptions challenged through seeing a high quality performance produced by the company.

The Edge in Chorlton have built up a huge and deserved reputation for working with people who are, for the want of a better phrase, on the ‘edge’ of society…

This show was giving these citizens a meaning and a reason to stay alive perhaps sounds a little melodramatic and exaggerated; but after speaking with some of them after the show, that really was the case. I can only continue my own silent applause now as I type – not just to those who performed the show, but to all those who had the vision and dedication to see this project through and make it work so wonderfully.

…The joy and the sense of achievement was so utterly obvious to read on all of their faces.

– Matthew Dougall, Review Number 9

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“…we’ll have you leaving the theatre with a spring in your step and the NHS in your heart.”

This is a celebration of the wonderful creative partnership between The Edge Theatre and The Booth Centre…

There is some lovely humour and slapstick clowning with great comic timing that is balanced by some emotive and genuinely poignant pieces. The closing speech is beautifully written and delivered wonderfully by a younger cast member. It alludes to the strong connection we all have as our NHS does literally pull each of us into this world and holds many of us as we leave it. We owe it an immense debt and need to protect it, and this performance is a lovely reminder.

-Live Art Alive (They Can’t Take That Away From Me, July 2018)
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We have some really exciting news to share with you about the Autumn/Winter but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for that one…

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Image Credits: Matt Priestly